Outreach Products

Products for engaging learners of all ages at eclipse and other sun-related events

NOT your ordinary pinhole projector for solar viewing and for the study of image formation. Find printing instructions & resources to REALLY understand how the round Sun can be imaged through "non-round" holes. (Spanish version available!)

See the beautiful 3-D formatting as you meet diverse members of the NASA PUNCH Team.

A 5-min video that introduces an unusual, curlicued petroglyph located in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico at a Sun-watching site we call Rock of the Sun. The petroglyph is plausibly interpreted as an Ancestral Puebloan impression of the 1097 total solar eclipse at a time of high solar activity. This may be humanity's first known representation of a solar storm in the corona.

These resources guide you to appreciate polarized light in our everyday environments, and show how both the NASA PUNCH Mission and the Citizen CATE 2024 Experiment ground-based telescopes are using polarized light to study the structure of the solar corona and the solar wind.

Play an online "drag & drop" word game to learn about the Sun and its effects on Earth.

Web page that mirrors the PUNCH Science Objectives with more basic explanations.

Explore tactile art representations of the Sun's corona, from an ancient petroglyph to NASA spacecraft imagery.

Use thermoform tactile art representations to explore how humans have recorded the solar corona with ancient and modern technologies and to inquire about a peculiar Chaco petroglyph.

Learn how the sunrise position changes throughout the year on an eastern horizon viewed from a Great Kiva in Chaco Canyon.

Use body motions to represent key features of "space weather" before playing a dance-based learning game about levels of solar activity.

RESOURCES to engage our community of science, outreach, and education professionals

Enjoy these updates for our community on PUNCH Outreach activities and product releases. (Nov 2022 - present).

Peruse our collection of internal news items offering more background on substantive outreach milestones.

Videos and slide-based presentations about PUNCH outreach.

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