Seeing the Sun's Corona with your Hands

PUNCH PI Craig DeForest is 'seeing with his hands' 
			by exploring blindly one of our thermoform tactile images representing the Sun's corona. His task is to choose which of six 
			possible images he is experiencing inside the box before him. Our solar tactile images are being developed in collaboration 
			with and for Blind and Low-Vision learners yet can also be adapted to make events more multi-sensory and cross-cultural 
			for sighted learners.

This tabletop activity invites sighted participants to enjoy a multi-sensory experience through exploring thermoform tactile art representations of the Sun’s corona with their hands without seeing them with their eyes. Field testing is ongoing to develop activities for Blind and Low Vision learners that use these same thermoform tactiles.

  • Facilitator Guide: (PDF, 3 MB)
  • Other needed printouts are linked from the Materials section of the Facilitator Guide
  • Contact to request the thermoform tactiles

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