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Do you remember the name for the process that allows plants to use sunlight to grow?
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The Sun’s light helps to make our food. Energy from the Sun is essential to life on Earth.

Honeybee collecting nectar from a sunflower. Image credit:

Honeybees collect nectar from sunflowers and get pollen all over their bodies. When they fly to another plant they spread that pollen. This makes it possible for the plant to produce sunflower seeds that other animals (including humans) can eat.

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plants winds a small amount flowing photosynthesis vegetables energy animals solar

The Sun gives out huge amounts of
energy. Even though Earth only receives
of this energy, it is more than enough to sustain life on Earth. The Sun's light keeps trees and other
growing. The Sun's energy melts the ice and snow. This keeps the rivers
. The Sun warms some areas of Earth more than other areas, and this keeps the
blowing. Trees and other plants use light energy from the Sun to grow. This is called
. Pigs, birds, bears, humans, and other
can also receive
from the Sun. They do this by eating food that plants make like seeds, nuts, grains, leaves, fruits and
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