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Sample of PUNCH Team Cards
The PUNCH mission involves hundreds of people who work hard to make the PUNCH mission happen. Our PUNCH Team Cards feature only a small sample of these professionals. Nonetheless, these Cards reveal and stimulate discussion about the diversity and teamwork involved and help to emphasize that NASA space science is for everyone!

Goals for the PUNCH Team Cards

  • Showcase the diverse community supporting the NASA PUNCH mission
  • Demonstrate the wide range of skills needed to make a NASA mission like PUNCH successful
  • Reveal the broader humanity of leading-edge NASA PUNCH professionals in a light-hearted way
  • Provide inspiring, relatable role models about whom young people choose to learn more

Team Card Resources

Printable Team Cards
Page Download Team members on this page
1 PDF (23 MB) Alshuli, Aragon, Campbell, Colaninno
2 PDF (23 MB) DeForest, Gibson, Gilbert, Guhathakurta
3 PDF (25 MB) Hanson, Killough, Kolinski, Lehtinen
4 PDF (23 MB) Morrow, Viall, Ingermann, Elliott
5 PDF (5 MB) Hill, Vasquez
1-5 PDF (95 MB) All cards in one PDF file