Science: Publications/Presentations

Presentations (past and future)

  • DeForest, C. E. et al., Red Dragon's Lair, Cardiff, December 2017 picture_as_pdf 18 mb
  • Viall, N., Combining remote and in situ observations with MHD models to understand the formation of the slow solar wind, AGU, December 2017 picture_as_pdf 8 mb

Key publications

  • Cranmer et al., 2017, Origins of the Ambient Solar Wind: Implications for Space Weather
  • DeForest et al., 2017, 3D Polarized Imaging of Coronal Mass Ejections: Chirality of a CME
  • DeForest, C. E. et al., 2016, Fading Coronal Structure and the Onset of Turbulence in the Young Solar Wind
  • Tenerani, Anna et al., 2016, Inward Motions in the Outer Solar Corona between 7 and 12 R ⊙: Evidence for Waves or Magnetic Reconnection Jets?
  • Deforest & Howard, 2015, Feasibility of Heliospheric Imaging from Near Earth
  • Cohen, 2015, Quantifying the Difference Between the Flux-Tube Expansion Factor at the Source Surface and at the Alfvén Surface Using a Global MHD Model for the Solar Wind
  • Yu et al., 2014, A 17 June 2011 polar jet and its presence in the background solar wind
  • Jackson et al., 2014,, The dynamic character of the polar solar wind
  • Yu et al., 2014, The 3D analysis of Hinode polar jets using images from LASCO C2, the STEREO COR 2 coronagraphs, and the Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI)
  • Deforest et al., 2013, Tracking Coronal Features from the Low Corona to Earth: A Quantitative Analysis of the 2008 December 12 Coronal Mass Ejection
  • de Koning, Curt A. et al., 2011, Polarimetric localization: A new tool for calculating the CME speed and direction of propagation in near-real time
  • Tappin & Howard 2009, Direct Observation of a Corotating Interaction Region by Three Spacecraft
  • Odstrcil & Pizzo, 2009, Numerical Heliospheric Simulations as Assisting Tool for Interpretation of Observations by STEREO Heliospheric Imagers
  • Tappin & Simnett, 1997, The Acceleration of CMEs in the Outer Corona as Revealed by LASCO