Builds on CYGNSSexperience with smallsat constellations


PUNCH Mission

The baseline mission configuration consists of a 1+3 constellation of four observatories, each carrying one instrument.

Narrow Field Imager (NFI):

The Narrow Field Imager (NFI) sits on only one spacecraft, and is an externally occulted visible-light coronagraph.

Wide Field Imagers (WFIs):

The Wide Field Imagers (WFIs) are side-looking heliospheric imagers with planar-corral baffles that sit on the remaining 3 spacecraft.

Matched by design:

The fields of view of the 3 WFIs overlap slightly with each other and with the NFI below, the instruments are matched in wavelength coverage and exposure time, and the instruments' operation is synchronized.

What does PUNCH do?